About Us

Mujeres de OLU at the Court House
Casa Latinos was incorporated in December 2008. In February 2009, we opened the doors to our office which is located in the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center. CLUBC is the only non-profit charitable agency in Benton County founded and operated for and by Latina/os.

Our Mission:

Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County is an organization committed to facilitating the integration of Latinos into the broader community by promoting the well-being of Latino families, by providing opportunities for leadership and capacity building, by supporting and advancing their equal rights and equal access, and by creating a climate of tolerance and cross-cultural understanding.

Our Goals:
  • To Serve the Latino community
  • To support equal rights, equal access, and opportunities of all Latinos
  • To provide educational opportunities in leadership and capacity building
  • To educate the Latino community on how to adapt to life in this country and in Benton County
  • To educate the non-Latino community on how to understand and appreciate the Latino community
  • To facilitate the integration of the Latino community into the broader community
  • To create a climate of tolerance and understanding across cultural boundaries.