Casa Latinos Unidos is operated primarily by volunteer work. We welcome volunteers and interns.

Are you an ESL instructor?

Arturo Sayago, 2016 Intern
  • Do you like to work with children?
  • Would you like to mentor Latino youth and/or provide tutor/mentor services?
  • Would you like to help us build our capacity as a non-profit organization?
  • Do you have computer skills that can be useful for a non-profit?
  • Do you have bookkeeping skills?
  • Are you a creative person who would like to share your creative skills with Latino youth (i.e. teaching music, theater, art, writing?)

These are but a few of the opportunities that await you at CLUBC. Think about volunteering or if you are a student, design an INTERNSHIP in collaboration with the staff at CLUBC and your college professor. Contact us if you have ideas on how you’d like to participate, we always welcome new ideas.

Aprendiendo a florear la riata